can we be part of Your Future?

At ETS we have you at heart to present quality training that gives a lasting educational background for leadership in the church and the society.

ETS is not all about training and development of people, we are a Christian community that believes in living together.  The students and staff interact both in the classroom and outside providing platforms for blending of ideas and more.


In ETS, our programmes are designed for all people groups in order to provide the much needed training to fit into roles that brings development in both the church and the society.

Certificate Courses

Designed for those who desire to get some basic knowledge in Christian Religious Studies (CRS). This course is good for those who wish to build a future in theology, CRS teachers and any other interested persons.

Diploma courses

This provides a base for training in theology and Christian Education.  It puts across the needful knowledge that brings the certificate holder to another level in educational pursuit and an entry requirement for the undergraduate programme.


We give training that are in tracks under this programme: Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Theology in Christian Religious Studies; Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education and Bachelor of Art in Missions.

Your Future Starts Here.

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