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The ERCC Theological Seminary, commonly called ETS was established in 1964 by missionaries of the South African branch of Sudan United Mission (SUM). It was initially known as Ayu Bible Institute; thereafter, the name of the school was changed to Ayu Pastors’ College; and in June 1990 the General Church Council approved the upgrading of the college to the status of Seminary; hence, a corresponding change from the era of Principal to that of Provost as head of the institution. As a Seminary with an international character, the pioneer Principal of the institution was Mr. Hawtery Williams Judd, a South African by nationality while the incumbent Provost is a Nigerian by name Very Rev. Dr. Zechariah Nasara.

The Seminary is owned by the Evangelical Reformed Church of Christ (ERCC); a founding member of the well acclaimed “Tarayar Ekklisiyoyin Kristi a Nigeria” (TEKAN) or Fellowship of the Churches of Christ in Nigeria.

Our vision is to be that well-equipped institution for learning with a conducive atmosphere for training God-fearing leaders and teachers for the development of the Church and society, which are displayed through

Our mission is to produce effective and efficient leaders and teachers in theology, Christian Education and leadership skills for wholistic development of the church and Society.

Our Faculty

Meet some of our Faculty members

A V. Rev. Zachariah Nasara PhD. Provost - A

Nasara Zechariah

PhD. Old Testament/Provost

4 V. Rev. Kuza Lazaru Lecturer

Kazu Lazarus

Biblical Studies

9 Pst. Isuwa Angbas Lecturer

Isuwa K. Angbas

Christian Ethics

14 Miss Blessing Sule Lecturer

Blessing A. Sule

Home Economics

2 Pst. Arigu Joseph Lecturer

Joseph Arigu


Very Rev Anjugu Kachalla

Anjugu Kachalla

Missiology/Dep. Provost

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