Faculty and staff

We have a team of Faculty and staff working for the betterment of ETS, you and above all God’s Kingdom


Rev. Dr. Bawa

Rev. Bitrus Bawa, Ph.D



Deputy Provost

11 Pst. Agabi Ayuba Lecturer

Pas. Agabi Ayuba,


D Mrs. Abigail Awu Academic Dean

Mrs. Abigail Awu

Academic Dean

Mrs. Christiana Lazarus Kuza

Mrs. Christiana Lazarus Kuza


Rev. Jonathan Isuwa Shammah Lecturer and Student Affairs Officer

Rev. Jonathan Isuwa Shammah

Ethics & Philosophy &
Student Affair Officer

8 Rev. Joshua Anzaku Lecturer

Rev. Joshua Anzaku

Chairman, ETS Development Committee

2 Pst. Arigu Joseph Lecturer

Pastor Joseph Arigu


14 Miss Blessing Sule Lecturer

Blessing Sule

Home Economics

9 Pst. Isuwa Angbas Lecturer

Rev. Isuwa Angbas

Christian Ethics

4 V. Rev. Kuza Lazaru Lecturer

Rev. Kuza Lazarus


19 Solomon Enna Assistant Librarian

Very Rev. Avre

Rev. Dr. Engom

Rev. Dr. Monday E. Affiku

(Pastoral Studies)

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